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My aim is to listen and appreciate your life so that I can find out how to serve you best. 

  A solid commitment and agreement from both you and myself is needed before we begin on this journey together.  My word is stronger than any signed document, and yours needs to be as well. I only work with the people that really WANT it and are willing to put in the work and answer the tough questions to get to where they want to go in their life or relationships.  This can be determined though a coaching call.

Once we have determined we are a good fit for each other, we can then continue creating together and really get started on this journey. 

I mostly work with 3 month,  6 month or 1 year agreements. This is agreed upon at the beginning and paid in full after our agreement. There are no refunds.  When I am with you in conversation, I am with you and only you.  You are my focus.

I commit fully to my clients aim and expect the same in return. My clients have been firefighters, real-estate agents, leaders, sales people, military leaders, business owners,  and more.

If you are ready to dive deep, commit fully and embark on this journey with me, please send me an email with your intention and we can have a conversation.  Please include your answers to these questions:

What would you like to create in your life, business or relationship?

What would you love to be/do/have if you had nothing to prove, knew you would be completely ok, and knew you couldn't fail?

Send your email to brendan@rectifycoaching.com

Serious and appropriate inquiries only please

I look forward to connecting with you!